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Wolfcraig Luxury Gift List

Awaken the festive spirit with Wolfcraig

Premium Scotch Whisky

Expertly crafted by globally renowned Master Blender partnership, Richard "The Nose" Paterson and Ian Macmillan.

Discover original releases special refined by over 100 years in whisky making mastery.

Wolfcraig Luxury Collection

Enjoy tasting a large dram of every Wolfcraig release to date with our bespoke sleeve collection.

Shop Wolfcraig Luxury Collection.

wolfcraig luxury collection wolfcraig luxury collection wolfcraig luxury collection wolfcraig luxury collection
wolfcraig membership

Wolfpack Membership

The perfect gift for the whisky lover in your life that will continue their discovery of expertly crafted whisky for years to come. Read more about our Luna Wolfpack Membership that provides a lifetime discount and priority access to new releases.

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Bobble Hat

Wrap up with our Unisex embroidered Wolfcraig bobble hats for the brisk winter walks.

Wolfcraig Gin

Elevate your gin pour with our gold medal winning London Dry Wolfcraig Gin. Crafted by two of the finest gin connoisseurs in Scotland, enjoy the tantalizing notes of juniper, orange peel, vibrant lemon, cassia, and the specially infused botanicals from the wild landscapes of Stirling.

wolfcraig gin wolfcraig gin wolfcraig gin


Add extra sparkle to your Christmas drinks with our elegant range of Wolfcraig crystal glassware.

wolfcraig glassware wolfcraig glassware wolfcraig glassware