It all begins with a passion.

Wolfcraig will be a world-class, succinctly 21st-century distillery built on rich expertise. It will blend tradition and modern innovation to create the perfect malt. Incremental improvements will be made across the distillation process to ensure perfection of product in all malt and premium spirit lines.

It will be born of a rich heritage but will aim to evolve the traditional distillery models to create a distinctly contemporary product.

Wolfcraig will introduce pioneering blockchain technology throughout its supply chain. The highest standard in providing strict supervision and safeguarding, blockchain will ensure immutable monitoring and proof of provenance, and authenticity for both the craft and product – from barley to bottle – driving value.

This guarantee of Wolfcraig authenticity will be easily accessed on our labelling through simple QR codes.

Join our wolfpack and become a founding member of the Wolfcraig distillery.

Enjoy preferential access to premium Wolfcraig product lines and lifelong benefits. As a founder member, you will be able to access exclusive content in addition to other benefits reserved for founding members.