The Legend

Legend has it that Norse invaders looked set to attack a small garrison of Celts who had settled on the banks of the wild Forth River. As they crept through the cover of night, one stumbling Norseman trod on the paw of a wolf-cub who, startled from slumber, howled for his mother who in turn sounded the alarm for her mate.

The howls of the pack wakened the sleeping garrison who called their men to battle and fought to save their position on the rock. The Vikings fled both the men and the beasts, and in honour of their glorious and unexpected victory, Wolfcraig takes its name from the courageous heart of a wolf cub. The inspiration that runs through the very foundations of this Distillery today.

Moving forward again in the chapters of our nation’s rich history, Modern Scotland itself was born on the banks of the Forth through the storm and steel of patriotic figureheads such as Robert the Bruce. Where better to build a home for Wolfcraig… As a nod to the history and legend which surrounds Stirling, Wolfcraig Distillery will bring these legends back to life, through the Wolfcraig Single Malt Expressions, with each Expression inspired by iconic Scottish heroes.

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