What is the Founder’s Reserve?

The Founder’s Reserve will be the first release of Single Malt Whisky from our flagship Distillery. 

It will be a 70cl bottle of Highland Single Malt bottled at around 46% ABV.

When will the Founder’s Reserve Single Malt be available? 

Richard Paterson will handpick specially selected casks for the maturation of the Founder’s Reserve in order that an exceptional Single Malt can be produced after 4 years.

It is therefore anticipated that the Founder’s Reserve will be released in early 2027.

Can I purchase more bottles of the Founder’s Reserve?

 Yes. You can add additional bottles to your order for a price of £75 per bottle or £405 per 6 bottle case.

Do I pay Duty, VAT and/or bottling costs?

  • UK Duty - Wolfcraig Distillers will pay any UK Duty due before bottles are released.
  • VAT – VAT is included in the purchase price of the membership and you should have no liability in future.
  • Bottling – The cost of bottling is included in your membership price

If you are based overseas then different taxes may be due and it is your responsibility to ensure that you make arrangements to comply with local taxes and regulations in the country of final destination. You must also bear in mind that taxes are liable to change to future.

Do I need to pay for delivery?

Delivery is free within the UK. If you live outside the UK then delivery will be charged at standard rates at time of shipping. You may collect any membership benefits directly from the distillery free of charge.

Where do you deliver to outside the UK? 

We endeavour to deliver to as many countries as possible but it is important to note that there are some restrictions that are outside our control.

Please check that we can deliver to your location before purchasing a membership.

How do I place my order and what happens next?

You can order by clicking on your chosen membership package on the website. You will then be asked to fill out your details before being taken to the payment page to conclude the purchase of your membership.

Once completed you will receive an order confirmation from Wolfcraig Distillers and confirmation that your payment has been successful.

Orders will be processed in the order in which they are received and should you have any questions at any point please email wolfpack@wolfcraig.com

The Alpha Package – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase more than 1 cask?

Yes. When you join you will have access to our shop where you can add additional casks to your order. To reflect the value of your membership additional casks benefit from a £250 discount. 

Can I purchase bottles of the Founder’s Reserve Single Malt?

Yes. As above you can add bottles of the Founder’s Reserve to your order for a price of £75 per bottle or £405 per 6 bottle case. The cost of bottling, UK Duty and UK VAT is included in the purchase price of the Founder’s Reserve.

What is the cask filling strength?

Casks will be filled with new make spirit distilled at our flagship Distillery. The filling strength will be 63.5% ABV.

I hear a lot about the Angels Share. Can you explain to me what this is?

On average approximately 2-3% of the cask contents naturally evaporate each year and at the same time the strength of the spirit decreases. The evaporation rate for each cask will vary and the amount of liquid and/or strength of the spirit therefore varies between casks.

Will I get samples from my cask?

We will send you a 20cl sample from your cask, together with an update from the Master Blender on its progress, every 2 years.